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Itchy scalp may be a symptom of a scalp disease that could produce hair loss. Causes may include seborrheic dermatitis (dandruff) and psoriasis. Treatments may include medicated shampoos like ketoconazole (Nizoral), OTC dandruff shampoos, and topical steroid creams and lotions to help decrease itching.
Recommended Reading Food Related Video Laser Therapy Garza, L. A. et al. J. Clin. Invest. 121, 613–622 (2011).
Current evidence suggests that alopecia areata is caused by an abnormality in the immune system that damages hair follicles. This particular abnormality leads to autoimmunity, a misguided immune system that tends to attack its own body. As a result, the immune system attacks particular tissues of the body. In alopecia areata, for unknown reasons, the body’s own immune system attacks the hair follicles and disrupts normal hair formation. Biopsies of affected skin show immune lymphocytes penetrating into the hair bulb of the hair follicles. Alopecia areata is occasionally associated with other autoimmune conditions such as thyroid disease, vitiligo, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and ulcerative colitis. The diagnosis or treatment of these diseases is unlikely to affect the course of alopecia areata. Sometimes, alopecia areata occurs within family members, suggesting a role of genes.
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Drink lots of water. If your body isn’t hydrated, your skin and hair cells won’t be able to grow and flourish. To keep your hair healthy and growing, drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration.[22]
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Information Security Policy Statement Account The prognosis of androgenetic alopecia is unknown. Some patients progress to the point where they lose almost all of the hair on the scalp. Others have a patterned or nonpatterned thinning but retain a considerable number of scalp hairs. Women with androgenetic alopecia usually show thinning of the crown rather than developing truly bald areas.
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Where to Buy Baldness treatments (Related: How to fight male pattern baldness) If you have other symptoms, such as an irregular period, severe acne, or an increase unwanted hair, consult your doctor. You may be experiencing a different type of hair loss.
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© 2018 Oath Inc. All rights reserved. Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder also known as “spot baldness” that can result in hair loss ranging from just one location (Alopecia areata monolocularis) to every hair on the entire body (Alopecia areata universalis). Although thought to be caused by hair follicles becoming dormant, what triggers alopecia areata is not known. In most cases the condition corrects itself, but it can also spread to the entire scalp (alopecia totalis) or to the entire body (alopecia universalis).
Scientists now understand that pattern baldness occurs through a phenomenon known as miniaturization. Some hair follicles appear to be genetically oversensitive to the actions of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is a hormone that is converted from testosterone with the help of an enzyme held in the follicle’s oil glands.
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Causes of Male Pattern Baldness People inherit baldness through their mother’s male relatives. Actually, baldness is determined by genes from both the mother and the father. Looking at one’s family can give someone at best an educated guess about how he or she will turn out. Studies are ongoing in this field, and current research has been inconclusive about the inheritance patterns.
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2 Years A personalized CME tool to track progress and log completed CME activities Furthermore, as much as 85% of men who have reached the age of 50 suffers from symptoms related to this particular condition. These figures provide solid evidence that Male Pattern Baldness is a relatively common condition that affects more than half of the global male population.
Life Newsletter Are buff men more likely to go bald? We doubt it Doctors refer to common baldness as “androgenetic alopecia” or “androgenic alopecia,” which implies that a combination of hormones and heredity (genetics) is needed to develop the condition. The exact cause of this pattern is unknown. (The male hormones involved are present in both men and women.)
Minoxidil (Rogaine) is a topical medication applied to the scalp. Minoxidil slows hair loss for some men and stimulates the hair follicles to grow new hair. Minoxidil takes four months to one year to produce visible results. Hair loss often happens again when you stop taking the medication.
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